About Us

After spending 40 years as an owner of retail auto dealerships, I'm reinvesting time and capital in the region and beyond to create opportunities for generations to come.

Jon says I'm a "student of the game."  According to Gallup, my strengths are: learner, input, achiever, responsibility, and futuristic.  My current passion-project is applying what I'm learning across industries to connect people and grow businesses with our early-stage portfolio.

It was my background in early stage investments and desire to learn that led me to my current role at Lancaster. It is the overall essence of this group that keeps me here.

With a background in Economics and Computer Science, I've always been interested in using data to help solve complex problems. I'm applying that skill alongside my passion for entrepreneurship to help make informed investment decisions in the real estate and early-stage investment industry.

As a student of economics, global health, and marketing I have gained a diverse background that has led to my pursued interest in entrepreneurship. My passion for problem solving and business growth is exemplified in my work with the early-stage investment portfolio.